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About us

We are a general manufacturer of melamine ware that leads the industry with an abundant item range adapted to uses ranging from professional use to home use. Our brand has been offering high-quality products for over 70 years using advanced technology, design and planning ability, earning us the trust of our customers. With “Passing on what has never existed until now” as our motto, we will continue to listen to our customers and strive to offer products and services that offer greater safety and peace of mind.


Melamine ware that leads the industry
An abundant item range adapted to uses ranging from tableware for professional use such as for staff cafeterias, schools, hospitals, facilities for the elderly and eating establishments as well as everyday items for home use that are rich in sensibility to equipment for hotel guest rooms with a simple and functional design.


“MARUKEI” is a tableware brand for professional use that seeks a sturdiness, ease of handling and functionality that can cope with tough, professional use in places such as staff cafeterias, schools, hospitals, facilities for the elderly and eating establishments. We have prepared a variety of shapes, designs and sizes from cafe style to a pure Japanese style, which make eating spaces enjoyable and colorful.


A simple and functional design which nevertheless has a gentle, natural warmth. “Mellina,” which is a diminutive for “apple” in Italian, is the name of our brand for products for hotel and home use. Mellina comfort goods and tableware will provide your hotel or home with a moment of tranquility.

Reliability & Ecology

Products for greater safety and peace of mind come from thorough quality control.
When it comes to tableware in which food is placed directly, safety is paramount. Our industry controls its products so that even by chance no unhygienic materials, additives or pigments are used, according to Japanese law and voluntary industry standards. Our products, of course, not only pass all of these requirements, but are also subject to thorough quality control based on even stricter company testing standards.
We keep even the Earth’s environment in mind, as we answer to the demands of the age.
At Kokusai Kako, we are involved in accepting products which our customers have used and recycling or appropriately disposing of them. Since 2009, with the cooperation of product users, recyclers and material manufacturers, we have built a recycling system for melamine products, and we plan, manufacture and sell recycled melamine products which utilize 50% or more recycled melamine. By utilizing them in this way, we are working on achieving a sustainable society that can coexist with nature.


Company Name
Kokusai-Kako Co., Ltd.
President  Munekazu Kouzue
Total Sales
3.3 Billion Japanese Yen
Business Line
Planning, manufacturing and sales of various plastic molding products which are mainly made from melamine resin
Factory & Head Office
230 Saragi, Gose-City, Nara 639-2272 Google Map Sales Offices - Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai

Contact for Enquiries: Takahiro Nomoto
E-mail: y.h.bai@kokusai-kako.co.jp
Telephone: +81-745-65-0169
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese

Certification Standard Acquired:
ISO 9001 (Registration Number JQA-QMA13580)
JIS S 2029 (Certification Number JQ0508166)